Personnel Follow-up and Certificate Services

  • Personnel exchange procedures are carried out without disturbance of the transit of the vessels.
  • Certificates of Turkish flagged vessels are issued.


  • Istanbul customs and ports
  • Izmir, Antalya, Iskendurun, Mersin, Canakkale and İzmit customs


  • When loading / unloading your vessels arriving at the ports of Istanbul, protective agency service by following the control hours and notifying the owners and charterers

Airport Services

  • It is collected by meeting the staff or guests coming to the airport.
  • Delivered to the desired spot or arrange a hotel.
  • It is taken to a suitable hotel and.


  • Customs makes transactions with changes in legislation.
  • The customer does not face the state with the wrong application.
  • It uses modern technology.
  • It ensures that the staff is honest and hardworking.

Custom and Transport Services

  • Spare part you have shipped from your ships to the port are delivered with our vehicles.
  • Spare parts that will go to your ships will be delivered to your ships with motor boat service.

Transit and Free Transit Services

  • We provide the best service to our esteemed customers with our experienced operation staff and captains during the passage of your ships from Istanbul and Dardanelles through entry, exit, anchorage, drop anchor operations, notification to our customers on time, mail delivery etc.
  • Our services are offered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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